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Transportation in District I

Traffic is a major concern among Henry County residents, and rightfully so! Commissioner Wilson was the only district commissioner to allocate 100% of district funds to transportation projects in the recently approved SPLOST V program.

SPLOST V Projects

SPLOST stands for Special Purpose Local Option Sales Tax. The proceeds are used to fund capital projects and transportation improvements in Henry County. The program was most recently approved by voters in November 2019 to continue for an additional five years.

Last year, each commission district was able to budget $19.6 million for projects over the next five years, starting April 1, 2020. Commissioner Wilson appreciates the support of the voters in approving SPLOST V allowing district one to work on the following transportation projects.

ProjectCost Estimate
Major Transportation Projects
State Route 81 widening, phase I (Postmaster Drive to Bethany Road)*$4,013,777
State Route 81 widening, phase II (Bethany Road to Keys Ferry)*$200,000
McDonough Parkway, SW segment (SR 20 to Henry Parkway)**$2,908,969
South Ola Road re-alignment to SR 81 at N. Ola Road$2,683,528
Intersection Improvements
Bill Gardner Parkway at Lester Mill Road$250,000
Racetrack Road at Iris Lake Road***$200,000
Dirt Road Paving
Peeksville Road (Old Jackson Road to reservoir)$3,587,676
Burg Road (Peeksville Road to Butts County line)$3,804,000
Ellistown Road (Peeksville to Moccasin Gap)****$175,000
Sandy Ridge Road (Keys Ferry to Stallsworth)****$110,000
Road Maintenance & Resurfacing
Resurfacing – District I$1,635,850

*widening state route 81 is a joint project between commission districts I and III. The amount shown represents district I’s contribution. Furthermore, the project is funded through eighty percent federal transportation funding and a twenty percent local match. SPLOST V includes the twenty percent local match for right of way acquisition and construction for phase I. The program budgets the local match for preliminary engineering for phase II.

**the southwest segment of the McDonough Parkway is under construction. The additional funding is to complete construction.

***Racetrack Road at Iris Lake Road is a joint project between commission district I, district III, and the city of McDonough. The amount shown represent district I’s contribution.

****funding for Ellistown Road and Sandy Ridge Road is design only. Right of way acquisition and construction will be funded at a later date.

Roadwork and Resurfacing

Each year, Henry County receives grant funding from Georgia DOT to assist in roadway resurfacing and maintenance. Johnny has allocated these funds in district I towards major secondary roads.

2018 — Leguin Mill Road between Annie Drive and Harris Drive

2019 — New Hope Road between SR 81 and Leguin Mill

**NEW in 2020** — South Ola Road between Old Jackson and Peeksville Road

The commissioner has also utilized SPLOST IV funding to install triple surface treatment on several dirt roads throughout the district. The installation of TST provides better support for heavy vehicles, like school buses and fire engines, to travel along the road. A major factor in the decision to install TST was to improve the fire department’s response time if needed.

Photo of resurfacing crew in Georgia (Georgia DOT photo)
Contractors resurface a roadway. (Georgia DOT photo)

Georgia DOT Projects

Henry County has collaborated with state DOT leadership to secure approximately $297.5 million in state funding for major transportation projects. Major projects include road widening projects, new roundabouts, and bridge replacements. In addition, the county has the most state maintenance work underway within metro Atlanta. Maintenance tasks have included resurfacing state route 81 in Ola and Interstate 75 in Locust Grove.

Widening Projects

  1. State Route 20 between I-75 and Phillips Drive
    Construction starting in summer 2021
  2. State Route 42 between Bill Gardner Parkway and Peeksville
    Construction starting in late 2022
  3. State Route 81 between Postmaster Drive and Bethany Road
    Construction start TBD
  4. State Route 155 between I-75 and US 23 / SR 42
    Construction starting in late 2023

Other Projects

  1. Diverging Diamond Interchange at I-75 exit 218 in McDonough
    Construction starting in summer 2020
  2. Roundabout at SR 81 and Snapping Shoals Road
    Construction starting in summer 2021
  3. Bridge Replacement on State Route 42 over NS railroad
    Construction starting in late 2023
  4. Bridge Replacement on State Route 81 over Yellow River
    Construction starting in summer 2020

I-75 at Bethlehem Road

Preliminary layout for Bethlehem Road interchange on I-75 (Georgia DOT photo)
The proposed interchange is shown here in this 2017 preliminary concept. (Georgia DOT photo)

Commissioner Wilson supports the proposed interstate exit planned south of Bethlehem Road. The new exit will alleviate truck traffic off highway 155 and reduce traffic volumes on Bill Gardner Parkway. The new exit will also support major employers in Henry County, like Luxottica and Home Depot, with easier access to send and receive their shipments.

Commissioner Wilson is committed to working with Georgia DOT and the city of Locust Grove to advance this major improvement. The Bethlehem Road interchange will provide residents and businesses with greater mobility in commission district I and southern Henry County.

Be sure and visit our public safety and priority spending pages to learn more about Commissioner Wilson’s focus areas.

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