Wilson 2020

Priority Spending

Priority Spending

Commissioner Johnny Wilson takes seriously his obligation to be fiscally responsible with taxpayer funds. During his time on the board, the county’s millage rate has remained unchanged at 12.733 mills.

Henry County Budget

In FY 2017, the last fiscal year before Commissioner Wilson was sworn-in, the county’s annual budget was $142.6 million. In FY 2020, the current county budget, general fund expenditures equal $163 million. The $20.4 million dollar increase in annual expenditures has included $16.4 million for public safety accounting for 80% of the increase.

Since 2016, for every dollar in additional property tax collections, the board has invested more than one dollar in annual public safety expenditures.

During Commissioner Wilson’s tenure, the county’s public safety departments have increased from 51.5% to 55.1% of the county’s overall general fund budget. The judicial system and courts represent another 11.3% of the county budget. Public safety and courts comprise two-thirds of the county budget.

Transportation Funding

Transportation is always a major concern in Henry County and the county DOT operates off a nine million dollar annual budget. Henry County DOT is responsible for maintaining 1,341 miles of paved roadway and 97 miles of dirt road, many of which are located in district I.

The county depends on annual LMIG grant funding from Georgia DOT and SPLOST funding to resurface roadways. Commissioner Wilson has prioritized the resurfacing of major secondary roads, like New Hope Road and *new in 2020* South Ola Road, to benefit residents.

The commissioner has also budgeted for triple surface treatment on several dirt roads. This improves the road’s resilience against heavy rains and ensures public safety vehicles can access residents.

Be sure and visit our public safety and transportation pages to learn more about Commissioner Wilson’s focus areas.

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