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About District I

Commission district I includes southern Henry County and is the largest of the county’s five commission districts in geographic area. Communities represented within district I include Locust Grove, McDonough, Luella, and Ola.

District I is mostly rural with large open spaces that are either actively farmed or have been in the past. Development is concentrated within the cities and along Interstate 75.

District I has over 33,000 registered voters as of December 2019.

Six parks and several water reservoirs are located in the district. Residents have ample opportunities to enjoy nature, participate in Little League sports with their kids, or get outdoors. Warren Holder Park offers baseball and football fields in Locust Grove, Sandy Ridge Park has the county’s only BMX track, and Franklin Rape Park hosts softball in Ola.

Map of Commission District I

If you live in Locust Grove, south McDonough, or south Ola; there’s a good chance you reside in commission district I. The commission district starts at Rocky Creek Road in Hampton before continuing east towards Locust Grove. Between Rocky Creek Road and I-75, areas south of Bill Gardner Parkway are inside district I. From I-75, the district expands to cover south of state route 20 / 81 in McDonough before representing constituents south of state route 81 in Ola. The district ends at the Butts County line near the Tussahaw Reservoir and Jackson Lake Road. Check out our district map, shown above, for the exact boundaries.

District I has three interstate exits—state route 20, state route 155, and Bill Gardner Parkway—with a fourth exit planned off Bethlehem Road. Major roadways include state route 42, state route 81, Bill Gardner Parkway, Old Jackson Road, and Peeksville.

Commissioner Wilson makes it his goal to drive around the district at least once per month. He enjoys stopping by local eateries and meeting with residents. Odds are he has passed down your street at least once since taking office.

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